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Effin good times at Effingut

Here's a story - my Valentine's day celebrations were trashed first by Uber and then by Domino's Pizza (my desperate Plan B), so I decided to have a candlelight dinner indoors for what it was worth. What it was actually worth, was a Valentine's day do-over entirely sponsored by Effingut! (My #VDayFail story won a… Continue reading Effin good times at Effingut

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Masaledaar @Masala Bar

If the words 'MasterChef India' mean anything to you, then you're no stranger to Zorawar Kalra and his line of Massive Restaurants #PunIntended. Pune is a growing market, quickly catching up with biggies like Mumbai and Delhi, so Massive Restaurants' entry into Pune's buzzing food and bar scene comes as no surprise; especially given that… Continue reading Masaledaar @Masala Bar

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A rooftop experience par excellence at Marine Drive, Hinjawadi Pune

This restaurant's iconic namesake is probably one of the sexiest 2-mile stretches in the country, and is home to some of the most stunning rooftop views, too; the central character in these landscapes being that gorgeous South Mumbai bay. Pune's version of the Marine Drive gets a 270° view of the massive Rajiv Gandhi Infotech… Continue reading A rooftop experience par excellence at Marine Drive, Hinjawadi Pune

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Out on a craic for a second innings @Irish Village, Mundhwa

The Leprechaun's missing, but the rustic-like Jameson poster is still there to greet you. There's about enough green to bear an Irish brand name but no Irish songs playing on the jukebox. Instead, there's a live show by a local band and aye, it's quare fine! I quite like my Friday evenings to begin that way! We… Continue reading Out on a craic for a second innings @Irish Village, Mundhwa

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The Cologne-ization of Pune’s beer scene

I don't know about Reinheitsgebot and all that but if I can get a top-fermented German-esque lager this close to home, that tastes refreshingly citrusy, crisp, smells sweet-ish and looks the part, I'm happy in my ignorance. See, the 'original' Kölsch enjoys a PGI/PDO status, so for Pune's Kimaya Brewery to call their recently launched beer a… Continue reading The Cologne-ization of Pune’s beer scene

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Hello, 6Xey!

Wiltshire. Home to the world-famous 5000 year old Stonehenge, 8-century old Salisbury Cathedral...and this little gem. At the very heart of this little county is the quaint little market town of Devizes, best known for the massive Victorian-era Wadworth Brewery. You'd think 2 centuries is a mighty long time to be brewing beer, no? As… Continue reading Hello, 6Xey!

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A wee slice of Irish awesomeness at the Irish Village, Pune

For a place that welcomes you with a Leprechaun and a menu touting loads of potatoes and a craft-brewed dark ale (among others), the Irish Village is about as much Ireland you'll get without having to board a flight. Not to mention all the green you see inside and outside; it certainly helps bring out the Irish… Continue reading A wee slice of Irish awesomeness at the Irish Village, Pune


How to Party 101 – @Playboy Beer Garden, Balewadi

The brand that has been making boys out of men for 60-odd years now, has oh-so-recently tapped into the beer market starting with their first-ever Biergarten venture right here in little'ol Pune. With Octoberfest-style benches, a pretty face greeting you at the entrance, a DJ who knows his progressive house and a host of fancy-sounding… Continue reading How to Party 101 – @Playboy Beer Garden, Balewadi