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Spoil your bad mood with Rude

RUDE isn't new to the lounge scene and it's evident from the point you get off your cab/car at Phoenix, MarketCity - all that bright purple neon and stagelights are unmissable. The entrance is out back and marked by a red carpet and bucket-lights, like one of those secret underground Nightclub in London. Once in,… Continue reading Spoil your bad mood with Rude

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Beech Bazaar Mein !

This restaurant, just like it's namesake, is at the heart of Pune's lively hub of Pimple Saudagar. And just as a Bazaar should be, the resto is very sprightly, replete with options, and *wait for it* it's inexpensive. That's the real coup de grâce to the competition, really; with options spanning Tex-mex, pan-asian, Indian, and more… Continue reading Beech Bazaar Mein !

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Snug down at IGNITE, Courtyard by Marriott’s Winter Brunch

This festive season is all about chilly winter mornings spent beside the fire, feet up, hot cocoa in one hand and comic book in another, as the cat quietly contemplates destroying the Christmas tree in the most brutal manner possible. If that's not your version of Christmas, the next best thing that comes pretty darn… Continue reading Snug down at IGNITE, Courtyard by Marriott’s Winter Brunch

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A rooftop experience par excellence at Marine Drive, Hinjawadi Pune

This restaurant's iconic namesake is probably one of the sexiest 2-mile stretches in the country, and is home to some of the most stunning rooftop views, too; the central character in these landscapes being that gorgeous South Mumbai bay. Pune's version of the Marine Drive gets a 270° view of the massive Rajiv Gandhi Infotech… Continue reading A rooftop experience par excellence at Marine Drive, Hinjawadi Pune

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Out on a craic for a second innings @Irish Village, Mundhwa

The Leprechaun's missing, but the rustic-like Jameson poster is still there to greet you. There's about enough green to bear an Irish brand name but no Irish songs playing on the jukebox. Instead, there's a live show by a local band and aye, it's quare fine! I quite like my Friday evenings to begin that way! We… Continue reading Out on a craic for a second innings @Irish Village, Mundhwa

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The Cologne-ization of Pune’s beer scene

I don't know about Reinheitsgebot and all that but if I can get a top-fermented German-esque lager this close to home, that tastes refreshingly citrusy, crisp, smells sweet-ish and looks the part, I'm happy in my ignorance. See, the 'original' Kölsch enjoys a PGI/PDO status, so for Pune's Kimaya Brewery to call their recently launched beer a… Continue reading The Cologne-ization of Pune’s beer scene

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Hello, 6Xey!

Wiltshire. Home to the world-famous 5000 year old Stonehenge, 8-century old Salisbury Cathedral...and this little gem. At the very heart of this little county is the quaint little market town of Devizes, best known for the massive Victorian-era Wadworth Brewery. You'd think 2 centuries is a mighty long time to be brewing beer, no? As… Continue reading Hello, 6Xey!

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The Spirits of Wychwood

While beer may not be an indigenously English beverage, the English sure seem to have perfected it. And of all the 1400-something breweries that exist today in the UK, there’s one particular brewery that stands out as the UK’s largest producer of organic ales and the maker of ‘the unofficial beer of Halloween’– Wychwood, Oxfordshire.… Continue reading The Spirits of Wychwood

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A wee slice of Irish awesomeness at the Irish Village, Pune

For a place that welcomes you with a Leprechaun and a menu touting loads of potatoes and a craft-brewed dark ale (among others), the Irish Village is about as much Ireland you'll get without having to board a flight. Not to mention all the green you see inside and outside; it certainly helps bring out the Irish… Continue reading A wee slice of Irish awesomeness at the Irish Village, Pune


Eats & drinks at Wynkk Inc.

What do you get when you put rock music, retro themed décor and a Pune-inspired North-Indian/Oriental menu in a mixing bowl and dress it with a good helping of Bira and other great beverages? You get a classic afterhours haunt is what. Two carefully curated storeys worth of Vinyls, wooden furniture and cushions are what… Continue reading Eats & drinks at Wynkk Inc.