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The Chronicles of Gastronomia @Tarsh, Hinjewadi

The office scene may mellow down here but Hinewadi really comes alive at night. Sure, we don't have as MANY loungeworthy joints as KP but we've still got a pretty neat little lineup of our own and we love it! New ones, old ones, those on the street and those on the eighth floor, we… Continue reading The Chronicles of Gastronomia @Tarsh, Hinjewadi

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Over-The-Top Gastronomical Debauchery

Over The Top Rooftop Cafe-Bar is an absolutely gorgeous little property, nestled quietly in one corner of Radisson Blu Hinjewadi's massive rooftop and sports a super-chill poolside ambience. A live grill, live music and very lively staff characterise the OTT experience, with food & drinks being the highlight. Located conveniently off the Blue Ridge main… Continue reading Over-The-Top Gastronomical Debauchery

beer, Food, Photography, Pune, roopftop restaurant

Spoil your bad mood with Rude

RUDE isn't new to the lounge scene and it's evident from the point you get off your cab/car at Phoenix, MarketCity - all that bright purple neon and stagelights are unmissable. The entrance is out back and marked by a red carpet and bucket-lights, like one of those secret underground Nightclub in London. Once in,… Continue reading Spoil your bad mood with Rude