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Bangalore, prepare to #GETFARZIFIED

#GETFARZIFIED isn’t just a hashtag. It’s a phenomenon. And a phenomenal one, at that. Probably Massive Restaurants’ most generically lovable product, FARZI CAFE is a LANDMARK. A friggin milestone in gastronomy. Every self-respecting foodie worth their salt should have this place on their bucket list!

The lens flare is intentional in case you were wondering.

The snazzy-looking signboard out front calls it a ‘Modern Indian Bistro’ but this place is just so much MORE!!!

Version Bengaluru.0 is located at the heart of the biggest luxury commercial property project in Bangalore – UB City. Pin Code: 560001. Talk about location!
With alfresco and indoor seating areas on offer (and both sporting vividly different decor), it’s amazing how a single restaurant offers two distinct types of ambiences.
Personally, I prefer the sun-kissed alfresco area that’s brighter and airier, because the sprinkler-fans do a great job of making the afternoon feel a lot less fervid. Oh, and it’s a lot greener, too!

Service here is as warm as how this place would’ve been without the fans! 🙂 Lame analogies aside, the folks on the floor are super friendly to the point that you don’t want to leave! I mean, I spent the better part of three hours here, to put things in perspective. #SheepishGrin Then again, I had a literal boatload of food and drink on the table.

hors d'oeuvre.JPG

Meals here start with a complimentary (and dhuaadaar) hors-d’oeuvre; little finger-sized jelly-like savoury-tangy morsels that do a neat job of cleansing the palate. Also, the presentation helps prepare you mentally for what you’re in for…Michael Bay-level special effects! A proper kick-starter in every sense!

The barrage started with a bevy of cocktails, comprised of –
Farzi Apple Foamtini (foreground) and Santa Banta (background)
The Santa Banta is basically cold-pressed orange juice base with vodka and elderflower syrup for that very palatable balance between sweet-bitter and a slight tang. Served in a soda bottle, this one’s a superb refresher!
The Farzi Apple Foamtini is a nicely potent mix of green apple juice, the same winning vodka and elderflower syrup combination with a dash of lime juice for an extra citric/acidic punch and to finish things, creamy mint foam on top. Executed with such panache, too!

Bottle Ka Gin
Bottle Ka Gin.JPG
Ginger ale base for that trademark punch, with Gin (obviously) giving it a slight berry-like fruitiness, absinthe for a classic anise-like spiciness, and orange-peel for a nice bitter finish to a very complex sip. The simple appearance is highly deceptive!

Chuski Margarita
Chuski Margarita.JPG
This uses raw mango juice as the base for a nice sharp tarty predominant flavour profile with a slight boozy sweetness from the tequila and kaffir lime for that utterly hypnotizing floral touch to the overall concoction. The salt rimming (courtesy of the tequila) adds a lovely contrasting dimension, too! If you miss mommy’s ‘aam panna’, this one won’t disappoint. Or if you miss Chuskis in summer. 🙂

Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Orange-pineapple base (that is strangely reminiscent of peach) that’s nice and pulpy – not too sweet but palatably fruity, vodka and rum for a nice, rounded boozy sweetness. This is some heavy-duty stuff if you think about it but goes down surprisingly easy! The shape of the bottle does help, too! 😉

Chai Paani
Chai Paani
My pick of the lot (because us Indians LOVE our tea), Chai Paani involves a delectable marriage of delicate tea with Kahlua’s coffee-ish character and warm spices (cinnamon). A dash of orange in the mix helps too! As does the vodka for a mild alcoholic punch. And then there’s the cold smoke for visual appeal. This stuff is just gorgeous! I mean, just look at it!

Of the lot, my vote for the starters-of-choice would most definitely go to –

Curd rice-tikki Matka Chaat
Curdrice Tikki Matka Chaat
A tikki made from curd-rice (which is genius in itself), crumb fried to perfection and served in a mix of yoghurt, imli (tamarind), green chutney, green apple bits, pomegranate, and the dragonfruit-microgreens garnishing you see on top. The rice provides binding, the crumb-coating has a good deal of crunch and the sweet-tangy flavour-burst from the chaat base does justice to the presentation, too. It’s not just a looker, it tastes the part, too!

Santre wala Chicken
Santre ka Chickenn
Chargrilled in an orange infused marinade for a very mild orange aroma and aftertaste, this one’s another #FarziClassic. There’s a mild bitterness from the orange-peel usage too, which accentuates the roasty flavours. The chicken itself is juicy and moist and melts in the mouth! The garlic-mayo based sauce it’s served with isn’t just for decoration, it adds a whole different level of drama to the overall flavour-set.

Black Sesame Chicken
Black Sesame Chicken
Nope, it isn’t an accident. That black you see is carefully burnt black sesame and activated (edible) charcoal covering succulent bite-sized chicken pieces. The sesame punch is delicate unless you physically eat the powdered sesame used to garnish on the side, like the uncultured hog that I am. The ‘tadka mayo’ is an interesting addition to this dish, too!

Tempura Fried Prawns with Chilli Lime Foam

Perfectly crispy a full ten minutes after serving, sitting under all that foam and sauce, these juicy, crunchy prawns were nothing short of perfect. Served along with chilli-lime foam (held together with lecithin) for a subtle spicy kick, and green fish eggs (yeah, like caviar) that provide a slightly briny bite. The edible flowers don’t add much in the way of flavours but boy, do they make the whole thing look super-appetizing! Another preparation that’s as delicious as it looks! Take a bow, Saurabh Udinia!

Before the one entrée we had room left in our stomachs for, a frozen yoghurt and kalakhatta sorbet was served as a palate cleanser.
Palate Cleanser Sorbet
These guys are serious business!!!

If you’ve ever been to Mysore from Bangalore, you’ll have crossed a rather busy town called ‘Bidadi’ that’s famous for ‘plate’ idlis, or massive plate-sized idlis. Well, Farzi have managed to ingeniously twist that recipe too!

Thatte Idli with Andhra Style Chicken
Thattae Idli
Authentic, pepper-ey, homely, earthy and juicy bite-sized chicken pieces garnished with fragrant edible flowers; the whole mix doused over a massive idli to balance out the kick from the masalas. You can smell the ghee and the fragrant curry leaves from afar, as a server brings a plateful of this to your table!
Note – our version wasn’t flaming hot like the Andhra-ites would like it, but mellowed down a few notches! 🙂

And finally for dessert…because all good things must come to an end – a little dash of nostalgia sprinkled with the choicest of childhood memories. 🙂

ParleG Cheesecake
ParleG Cheesecake
This version doesn’t use the traditional philly cheese so it isn’t slightly sharp as you’d expect it to be, nor is it mildly tart like mascarpone. It’s a rather palatably sweet and mild (and also a bit heavy) from the use of heavy cream and hung curd. The sweet-ish ParleG biscuits and Cadbury’s Gems do a great job of OD’ing you on childhood memories but don’t overload the palate. The ground pistachio in rabdi, on the other hand, is a bit over-the-top. Nevertheless, it’s delicious as f**k so I literally drank it down!

Great location, superb ambience, warm and quick service and extraordinary food is how I’d sum up Farzi Cafe, Bangalore. Another reason to go visit is that this one’s probably the cheapest restaurant at UBcity !
(happy to be proven wrong – please comment below!)

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
I rate Farzi Cafe at a solid 5 on 5!
A huge shoutout to Shreyas and Vibhav for facilitating this, and to Arjun, Avijit and Dibyendu for spoiling me with the hospitality!


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