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1BHK Wunderbar!

AmbienceEvery bit as super as it sounds, this gorgeous 2 storey space is an absolute treat – the location is fantastic (off the chaotic stretch of BHS but still on the main Baner road), the decor is breathtaking (just as breathtaking during the day as it is at night) and the food is awe-inspiring!
1BHK is short for  ‘Bar, Haute Kitchen’ and I’m happy to report that they’ve nailed it on both fronts – the bar and the haute kitchen. Kudos!
The bar whips out some delicious and potent cocktails and the kitchen, some devilishly delicious grub. This is the kind of place you come to when you’ve got an agenda to push – like a promotion, a forgotten anniversary, or something stupendously special. Because this just seems like the kind of place where magic happens.
It wouldn’t matter if you were sat in the quaint outdoor seating area, the cute little ground-floor dining space or by the gorgeous floor bar upstairs, the service is just as quick and the ambience, just as amazing. Well, the first floor gets brownie points for the proximity to the bar…but you get the picture.

Let me warn you, making food or beverage choices isn’t easy here. The menu is fairly exhausting and each option looks and sounds just as inviting as the other. It’s hard to go wrong though with the food or drinks here, so we took a leap of faith and started our sweltering afternoon with a Beer Buster (₹500) and a Watermelon Mojito (₹300)

The Watermelon Mojito (mocktail) is a classic and refreshing watermelon-mint-lime concoction that instantly quenches. Just the right balance of the citrus and sweet flavors with the sweet taking a slight lead. The only issue was the presence of watermelon seeds in the beverage that could’ve been filtered out to avoid choking the straw every now and again.
The Beer Buster was another superbly interesting cocktail involving a beer base and a healthy dose of vodka sweetness and spicy, punchy tabasco. What a classic cocktail of flavors! Brilliant stuff!
Another Complimentary Blood On The Dance Floor also happened (₹450) just before leaving – watermelon and vodka are probably the safest combination of sweet and sweet-smelling beverages marrying together for a brilliant and potent mix! And look at that presentation! I mean it’s just MAD! I love it!

To go with the beverages, came Crispy Thai Tai Chicken (₹265) –  Chicken Crispy Tossed
Lemony, spicy and lightly crisp from the frying – these bite sized chicken tenders were just what the doctor ordered. The Kaffir Lime leaves breathed a whole new dimension to the aromas of the dish and the veggies added a lot of welcome textures too. Amazing!

1BHK Veri Veri Peri Peri Prawns (₹415)
Veri Veri Piri Piri PrawnsNote that this was a half portion so the full one gets you 7-8 pieces for your ₹415. Juicy, crunchy, succulent mouthfuls of briny, spicy flavors – these prawns were freshly sourced and lovingly grilled. The grilling had rendered some interesting charred flavors to the prawns, too. Staggeringly delicious.

Next came the Maroc Chicken (₹315) –
Chicken Parsels
Moroccan Style deep fried chicken breast, stuffed with soft, gooey cheese inside and crunchy outside. Basic flavors that were enhanced with the steaming hot gravy served on the side which was nice and spicy and had enough pepper thrown in to cure a proper cold. A classic complimentary combination of flavors that does the job, and how!

1BHK Secret Marination of Prawns with Hummus and Pita (₹425) –
Prawns Signature Preparation
Every bit as special and as premium as it sounds (and looks) – this was an epic preparation involving earthy, smoky, tangy, spicy, juicy, crunchy, crispy and flavor there is (except sweet). The Pita bread served as a great palate cleanser so each bite can be enjoyed anew. Totes worth the price tag.

And because there was room in our bellies for just about one entrée, we HAD to call for the oh-so-touted 1BHK Butter Chicken Platter (₹475) –
Buter Chicken
Served with smoky, tender juicy and bite-sized chicken tikka morsels doused in buttery, greasy, delicious butter chicken gravy served with rice, raita (brilliant!) and breads on the side. Oh, and not to mention the daal makhani (that I personally thought was EVEN BETTER!). Hotdamn. What a plateful of delectable delights!

To end things (not that we wanted to), their famed dessert was had – the 1BHK Blueberry Philly Cheesecake (₹245) –
Blueberry Cheesecake
Baked (not set) to perfection for just the right amount of consistency and firmness – this one passed the first test. One bite and it passed the second one, too – not too sweet with the compote doing most of the sweet-talking and the cheese only just about sweet; this one was a treat to behold.

Two full stomachs and two satisfied souls.

Brilliant decor, great ambience, quick service and SUPERB food rated at a solid 4.5 tending towards a 5 is how I’d sum up my experience at 1BHK Superbar, then!1BHK Superbar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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