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BBQ’d – A Massively Brilliant & Massive Restaurant by MASSIVE RESTAURANTS!

I suppose everything that Massive Restaurants do is larger than life, starting from the name itself. The philosophy trickles down to the exhaustiveness of the menu, the ridiculously pretty decor in their restaurants, the hospitality they treat each patron to…and here’s the kicker – ALL THIS costs a very reasonable ₹799 to ₹1149 depending on which day of the week you’re visiting BBQ’d Global Grill & Brewery, UB City Bangalore

For something that totes a Bangalore-1 Pin code, any amount of rant on the location would be insufficient. And when a place has as big a landmark to it’s name as Concorde Tower, I’d really best shut up, then. Let me move on to the decor.
It’s all walnut-wood finish as far as the eye can see and the cavernous space has the main course laid out around the centre that’s flanked by the chaat corner, the live grill, the bar and the dessert counter on four sides. Surrounding all this, are the massive seating spaces. I mean, this place is IDEAL for LARGE corporate parties with enough hospitality, enough food and enough variety of food to go around and then some.

Sorry, I didn’t emphasize enough on the chaat counter. That humble little space dishes out all of –
Dahi Puri Chaat
Savory potato and sweet dahi filling for an absolute burst of contrasting flavors; the dahi isn’t as runny so it just about manages to keep the poori intact. Brilliant!

Paani Poori
Call it what you want, at the heart it’s still the Country’s favourite street snack. The BBQ’d version got the filling and the poori alright but fell a wee bit short on the tang in the water. The sweet water was on-point, though!

Sev Papdi Chaat
There was enough crunchy papdi in there to hold its own despite the moist tangy-sweet toppings. The sev on top gives the already crunchy preparation extra texture for a properly crunchy bite through and through. And look at that presentation! Hubba Hubba!

Curd Rice Papdi Chaat
But wait, I’m not done yet! And no, it wasn’t street-food fest or anything, this is the usual grub served at their Saturday lunch menu. So the curd-rice pancakes are fried and used instead of the usual papdi for a rich, mildly crunchy yet glutinous bite! The flavors were a lovely mix of sweet and tangy with the sweeter flavours taking the lead a bit. This unique preparation is a speciality here and I wholeheartedly recommend you come here and try it out for yourself!

Tired of the chaats, yet? Alright, let’s move to the grills –
Live Grills
Let me start with the MUSHROOMS; surprisingly juicy after all that grilling, still managed to get the charring right, nicely smoky again and that trademark earthy flavors hitting the right spot.
GRILLED POTATOES – easily my favourite on the table, extra charred from hanging over the hot coal for a long time; earthy, tangy, savoury and a had a nice spicy kick to it.
GRILLED PANEER – slightly chewy from the grilling, but in a nice way because of the slight bite it gained from the loss of moisture. Spot-on with the mildly spicy flavors, too.
GRILLED CAULIFLOWER – a bold move and an excellent one. Grilled just so the juiciness is retained along with that trademark cauliflower-bite. Mild on flavors, nicely pungent, high on textures so full marks for the attempt to try something different!
GRILLED PINEAPPLE – nicely spiced for a beautiful marriage of very contrasting spicy and juicy-sweet flavors. The coal-charring renders enough roasty, smoky flavors to complement the biteful of sweet-spicy flavors. Also, despite the charring, the pineapple managed to remain super soft! Perfect!
Let me start the non vegetarian grills with the PRAWNS. Delectably smoky, nicely charred and just about the right balance of dry and moist, and unbelievably melt-in-the-mouth soft.
The GRILLED SARSO-OLIVE RIVER SOLE was another star that afternoon. The sarso was not as pungent as the name suggests, and the olive led aromas and flavors here. The fist itself was nicely flaky and had a welcome grilled fish aroma to it like Mackerel.
Garlic CHicken Seekh Kabab
– a mildly spiced chicken preparation not too reminiscent of strong garlic flavors or smells for something that has ‘garlic’ in its name. No, I’m not complaining; just that the name had me expecting something else. Still, these succulent little bite-sized chicken morsels had me licking my fingers just as they were!
MUTTON SEEKH KABAB – just about as dry as I like it, and smelling and tasting of generous doses of whole spices. Just. Lovely.

While the grill was being refilled every five minutes with something new, I also had a helping of –
The best momos I’ve ever had at an all-you-can-eat restaurant EVER. Steamed to perfection with the coating just about as delicate as needed to hold the juicy, lightly spiced veggies inside. The momo sauce served on the side was pungent and spicy enough to give the street vendors a run for their money!

From the live counter, I called for a RED SAUCE PENNE PASTA
Red Sauce Penne Pasta

Brilliantly tangy, cheesy and al-dente, this pasta was one of the better ones I’ve had in a while!

To wash all this down was –
Khatta Meetha
Leading sweetness from the mango balanced by a mild tang from the orange; and a bit dense, too. Both, refreshing and filling, too!
I also had a watermelon based cooler that I can’t recall the name of but it was even better!
Watermelon Mocktail
Juicy, pulpy watermelon base with a nice dash of welcome chaat masala and possibly what felt like jeera powder. I like it!

As if I’d have any appetite left after this barrage, I still managed to make room for some entrées.

Among notable mentions were –
RAILWAY MUTTON CURRY with soft mutton in a lovely whole-spice-heavy thick gravy;
BUTTER CHICKEN with an evident whiff of generous helpings of unsalted butter for an unquestionably greasy, buttery, delicious flavor;
GOAN FISH CURRY – heavy on coconut milk, rather than fresh coconut so rendering the final product more like a Thai-style fish curry, and a delicious one at that. I did pass on feedback on the lacking kokum (mangosteen) as well, which made it to the kitchen so you can expect the next batch to be better. AND
ACHAARI BHINDI that was not as achaari as the name suggests, but still delicious by itself.

From the seemingly endless dessert spread, I chose –
MANGO MOUSSE – surprisingly light on mango and just about as mousse-ey as can be, this beautiful white dessert was an absolute delight!
MOONG DAAL HALWA – no, it wasn’t floating in ghee or wasn’t overly sweetened but pleasantly balanced on both fronts. Another winner!
ROSE KHEER – rice based kheer with actual rose petals, it didn’t seem as ‘flavoured’ as typical rosewater flavoured sweets do. This one was as delicate as a rose.
ROSSOGULLA – well, I’m not in Kolkata anymore so I can’t expect those standards, but it was brilliant for something that’s made over 1800 Km away from its origin city. I’m happy!

At the end of it, Joyjit (the manager) even offered me their signature CANDYFLOSS based dessert as well but I had to respectfully decline because unfortunately, I have but one stomach that had stomached more than it could stomach! This happily full patron then, rates BBQ’d at a solid 4.5.

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