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The Chronicles of Gastronomia @Tarsh, Hinjewadi

The office scene may mellow down here but Hinewadi really comes alive at night. Sure, we don’t have as MANY loungeworthy joints as KP but we’ve still got a pretty neat little lineup of our own and we love it! New ones, old ones, those on the street and those on the eighth floor, we love them all – especially those that overlook the twinkling cityscape, like Tarsh Gastronomia.
Tarsh has spared no expense then, in sprucing up all three dining areas – the beautiful bar that welcomes you as you enter, the chic alfresco dining area or the upstairs seating space.
Outdoors ambience.JPG
Moving on to what to have, here – now their menu does say craft beer (on tap) but that scene is yet to start; enter Hoegaarden to the rescue! And as for the seasoned barflies, there’s an 8 page long bar menu. Take your pick.
Apart from the Hoegaarden, a simple Caprioska was had and happy to report that it was delicious! Brown sugar’s caramel-ey goodness married beautifully with lime and vodka!

As for the Gastrophiles; there’s an even longer 28 page menu. That’s right. 28. I legit had to consult folks who had been here before to ask what they had so I could narrow down my choices, and finalised –

Jhinga Koliwada (₹450)
Prawns koliwada.JPG
All of the earthy, homely goodness of ginger-garlic paste, gram flour (besan), roasted cumin and chilli powder. Deep fried for that trademark crunch and super fresh and juicy inside. My pick of the lot.

Veg Chive Dumplings (₹299) –
Veg chive dumplings.JPG
Freshly steamed, delicate little parcels of flavor. Loaded with fresh carrot juliennes, celery and lotus root inside, and that beautiful green from the chives – this is as much a delight to the taste buds as it is to the eyes!
chilli oil dip.JPG
The Chilli Oil and other dips served along with this are an absolute flavor-bomb, too!

BBQ Chicken Winglets (₹350) –
BBQ Chicken Winglets.JPG
A whole lot of juicy and meaty wings doused generously in tangy BBQ sauce. My only gripe was with the size of the wings  because I prefer my wings crunchy and bite-sized. If you like your wings juicy and meaty, though, you’ll love these!

Dahi Ke Kebab (₹325) –
Dahi Ke Kabab.JPG
Totally unlike your traditional grilled-variety kebab, these crumb-fried, juicy morsels of awesomeness are absolutely next-level! The piquant dip pairs very well with the mild spices used in the kebab. The hung curd inside retains its freshness as does the crumb coating outside, even if you leave it aside for a bit. Brilliant stuff!

For mains, an Ortolana Pizza (₹425) was had and I’m happy with my choice, too!
A brilliant blend of juicy, sweet and smoky (aubergines), with a dash of earthy and cheesy is how I’d sum up this beautiful and delectable pizza. A thin, crisp base generously topped with cheese and veggies as you can clearly see, this Pizza was a tad heavy, too – enough for two if you’re not particularly hungry, thus making it a great value for money option.

For dessert the very mandatory and staple Three Milk Cake (₹375) was had, that Tarsh is so famous for –
3 milk cake.JPG
As advertised, condensed milk drizzled on top, whole milk cake base and a heavy cream mousse of sorts to bind it all together. Yes, it was as every bit as devilishly delicious as it sounds! An absolute must-have super-heavy dessert for whenever you’re over at Tarsh.

In Summary, then – superb ambience, quick service, brilliant food and the best company ever sums up to a solid 4.5 for me.
Tarsh Gastronomia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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