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Over-The-Top Gastronomical Debauchery

Ambience 1.JPGOver The Top Rooftop Cafe-Bar is an absolutely gorgeous little property, nestled quietly in one corner of Radisson Blu Hinjewadi’s massive rooftop and sports a super-chill poolside ambience. A live grill, live music and very lively staff characterise the OTT experience, with food & drinks being the highlight.

ambience 2.JPGLocated conveniently off the Blue Ridge main road at Hinjewadi Phase 1, this place adds another destination-bar to Hinjewadi’s A-list that’s easy to get to, and so hard to leave from (so pretty, this place! ♡)

We’d made it on a busy Friday evening just after an office party that was being hosted here so some drinks were sold out. And Thank God for that too, otherwise I would’ve never opted for these and what a shame that would’ve been!

Hinjefication (₹550) –Watermelon CoolerWatermelon and vodka base, refreshing basil, a spicy punch from cardamom and star anise, and an ever-so-slight sour finish. I could’ve had ten of these and not get bored. Unbelievably easy-drinking, and very, very sessionable (sorry for the beergeek lingo, but there’s no other way I’d explain it).
Hinjewadi’s answer to Californication? Me Likey!

Mojito (₹550) – MojitoA balanced Mojito that wasn’t overbearingly sweet, but just-so and the mint, lime and rum doing their thing to fade the long day away.

Cucumber Lime and Mint Cooler (₹375) –
Cucumber beverage.JPG
Designed specifically to refresh, this one was one of the best summer coolers (mocktail) I’ve had in a long time! Three of the most refreshing ingredients married together to form liquid happiness!

Bhatti Ka Jheenga (₹999) –
*picture shown is of a half-portion provided on special request
Juicy, succulent, gigantic tiger-prawns crunchy to the ‘Y’ and uber-fresh, too! The burnt-scallion greek-yoghurt-base masala is an absolute treat! And the presentation does it total justice, too! I mean, LOOK AT THAT!

Caribbean Chicken (₹525) –
*picture shown is of a half-portion provided on special request
A love-or-hate story, this. For those who don’t mind the very tender well-done skin on top that adds SO MUCH buttery, savoury, smoky flavor to the juicy, succulent fragrant and citrus-ey chicken, this particular preparation will absolutely delight! Those who do mind the skin on – you have NO idea what you’re missing out on, peeps! Oh, and the salad makes for an excellent side, too!

On to the entrées, then!

Baby greens and Ricotta Ravioli (₹495) –
*picture shown is of a half-portion provided on special request
Home-made buttery, delicate Ravioli that just melts in the mouth. Inside is creamy ricotta and delicious greens that also melt in the mouth. And the buttery, tangy, spicy sauce is just the most perfect accompaniment to this absolutely delectable Ravioli! Great Ravioli is hard to come by!

Blu Risotto (₹525) –
*picture shown is of a half-portion provided on special request
Crunchy from the pine nuts and moong bean , this slightly al-dente (made to suit the Indian palate), creamy, cheesy risotto is an excellent one-pot meal-for-one because of how unbelievably filling it is, by itself. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mamma mia!

Tomato, Onion, Balsamico, Basil, Pumpkin seed, Shrimp and Goat cheese melt (₹875) –
Literally served on a spade, this open sandwich was quite the surprise! I needn’t describe the sandwich because all that’s in it, is in the name as well. On the side is served cheesy fries and fresh, crunchy salad in a light dressing. The toasty bread along with the pumpkin seed and shrimp provide ample crunch, the goat cheese and balsamic vinegar provided a lovely mix of vanilla, smoky and skunky-cheesy smells.
Word of caution – you had best know what goat cheese smells like, and are able to appreciate it!
A rather unique sandwich and most definitely worth a try even at that price!

All in all, I rate it at a solid 4.5
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