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Spoil your bad mood with Rude

ambience 1.JPG
RUDE isn’t new to the lounge scene and it’s evident from the point you get off your cab/car at Phoenix, MarketCity – all that bright purple neon and stagelights are unmissable. The entrance is out back and marked by a red carpet and bucket-lights, like one of those secret underground Nightclub in London. Once in, the place has got a pretty chill vibe to it till the point the music gets unbearably loud but for the most part it does what a lounge should, to a week’s worth of stress.

ambience 3.JPG

A DJ console at the centre of the seating area, couple and lounge-style group seats by the edges and a dance floor make up the bulk of the large open-top terrace. Lighting is dim as it should be at a lounge and the playlist is not too bad either; shame they don’t take requests though.
ambience 4.JPG
These amazing rooftop views though, are on the house.

Also, what’s pleasantly surprising is the food here and I’ll be honest, I was mostly expecting just their beverages to be the highlight, but boy was I in for a surprise! Let’s get straight to it, then –
Ginger Twist (₹180) – brilliantly citrus-ey with a sharp ginger punch to each sip. Not something that you can gulp down, but rather, savor slowly.

Paneer Chilly Amritsari (₹270) – succulent, bite-sized Paneer cubes coated in an achaari batter and stir fried in a ‘Chindian’ style dry masala. Total surprise, this one. Highly recommended!
Chef Special Crispy Chicken Paprika (₹350) – Crunchy outside, cheesy inside – the flavors were on point with this one…well, almost. The paprika wasn’t coming through as strongly for something with Paprika in the name and listed under Chef Specials. Also, the coating could’ve used a little more crunch IMO to add a little complexity to the textures especially with the oodles of cheese inside (like a proper Kiev) but that’s probably just me. Great in itself, but can use just a little bit more work.

beer battered prawns.JPG
*half portion of Beer Battered Prawns

Beer Battered Prawns (₹450) This is what stole the show, for me.  Crisped to perfection and it smelled like beer; it had a very evident estery fragrance in every bite. The garlic mayo dip served on the side paired perfectly with the prawns, too. Did I mention the prawns were super fresh? I’m in love.

7 inch bbq chicken pizza.JPG

Spicy BBQ chicken Pizza (₹350) – Loaded with stringy Mozarella and bite-sized spicy-piquant bbq chicken pieces on a slightly biscuity base. The base was crisp through and through if that’s your kinda thing. Personally, I like the base crisp around the edges and a little soft towards the centre. Feedback was duly noted and changes can be expected!

bbq chicken sizzler.JPGPepper Crusted Chicken Sizzler (₹495) – bit of a disappointment that the sizzle in the sizzler was totally absent. It was more of an assembly so points were lost on the presentation front. That said, the chicken itself was nicely done – spicy and earthy from the pepper and brown sauce; the rice was flavorful and light, and the veggies were a good accompaniment to the meat. Other sizzlers being passed around did have the sizzle going on, so it must’ve been just this mine.

[optimize output image]To end things, a Sizzling Brownie (₹170) was served that more than made up for the missing sizzle in the sizzler !! Sticky, messy chocolate sauce on a lovely dollop of vanilla ice cream that melted on to a heavenly brownie. Totally worth the insane calorie count and highly, highly recommended!

All in all I rate the place at a solid 4 out of 5 duly noting the prawns, paneer and brownie to be the highlights and room for improvement on the pizza, sizzler and excessively high decibel levels.

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