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An Eggs-Clusive Food Fest at Cabaret by Peter, Baner

With New Year Resolutions still fresh from January 1st, a month long festival on Omlettes can go a long way in aiding that fading resolve to lose weight. With five different options to choose from, Cabaret by Peter’s got the solution to the perennial conundrum – What do I do when I want to cheat, but not too much? Omlettes provide us Indians much-needed protein, given our grain-based carb-rich meals and are surprisingly filling, so they curb those cravings eventually leading to a fitter you.

Coming back to the five varieties on offer –
Mexican omlette.JPG
Mexican Omlette (₹200) – cheese, beans, corn, tomato and onions. Baked beans on the side and cheese on top. Garlic bread on the side.
IMO, could’ve used a little more Mexican-ness (spiciness) and the common feedback across all dishes with the bread was that our batch was a tad too dry. Not my pick of the lot, but still pretty filling if that’s your kinda thing.

Moroccan Omlette.JPGMoroccan Omlette (₹200)  –  Sunny side up-style omlette with tangy tomatoes and coriander. Salad, Garlic bread and baked beans on the side, because it has to look fulfilling, too. This one was better than its Mexican cousin but could use a dash of extra herbs and paprika for that Moroccan-ness. Still, a good breakfast option by itself.

Omu Rice Omlette.JPGThe coup de grace of the menu, Japanese Kimchi Omurice (₹200)  – the most unassuming looking of the lot, but easily the most fulfilling and full-filling option in the menu. The kimchi fried rice hiding under that thin layer of omlette was complimented well by the sticky BBQ sauce and chives. However, we fed back to the management to mellow down (or use less of) the BBQ sauce, brilliant as it was – to let the Kimchi do some talking as well. Given that it costs the same, this one’s my pick of the lot by a healthy margin.

The fest is on till the end of February 2018 and there’s 2 other options if you’re curious –
Baked Western Omlette (₹200) and Vegetarian Omlette/Besan Cheela (₹160).

If you like a beverage along with your omlette, our picks were –
Ginger Honey Lemon Tea (₹110) – The most delicate and potent balance of ginger, honey and lemon that your ailing soul and throat need. Served piping hot, and best had while it’s no cooler than the serving temperature.

Blueberry Cookie shake (₹175) – This is soul food, too. Only not as therapeutic for an ailing throat. Still, utterly delicious and totally worth the debauchery. Don’t have this one if you’re counting your calories. Or have it, whatever. I would.

Located off the main road just ahead of Dmart with ample parking space and even more seating space inside, this is one place that’s hard to miss even if you try. And try to miss you shouldn’t, with one more reason to head here if you’re anything into omlettes.

All in all, I give it a solid 4 on 5.

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