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Rum, sails and grub at The Shipyard, Wanowrie

shipyardFor a place that greets you with a full size bay boat as you walk through a captain’s cabin-style door; not to mention the sails and the ship’s wheel smack dab in the centre of the restaurant, The Shipyard really goes all out with the theme. And for a seafood speciality restaurant, they serve some pretty good sea-grub, too.
I’d made it all the way from Hinewadi to Wanowri mainly because there was a live performance involved and it didn’t disappoint!
I was looking for beer on tap but they only serve bottled beer. I wasn’t in the mood for cocktails and the mocktails seemed very ‘artificial’ with the flavors seeming rather forced so I gave beverages a pass altogether.

Paprika Pepper Chicken (₹190) – tender chicken fillets generously smothered with pepper and paprika, with a slight smokiness that came as a bonus. A pretty good appetiser, actually.

patiala thai chicken
Chicken Thai Patiyala (₹260) – juicy, soft chicken morcels dressed in enough kaffir lime and coconut to justify the ‘Thai’ in its name. I didn’t quite get the Patiyala element, if ever there was one.

Mutton Kala Masala Sukha (₹330) – a nice blend of fresh ground spices that gave it a good colour and flavor, too. Not very overbearingly spicy as you’d expect, but I liked it.

chapli kebab
Mutton Seekh Kebab (₹310) – with Mutton, you either get it right, or you just don’t. There isn’t a middle ground and this preparation, sadly, was a little too dry for any of the ‘khada‘ masalas to do their thing. Shame, really. I sincerely hope they fix this.


Fish Tawa (₹as per catch) –  properly done Surmai in rich spices. The meat, per se, wasn’t well marinated in these spices and could’ve used a few more hours with it before it was Tawa-fried. The masala by itself was nice and complex, while not being overly spicy, too. Still room for improvement, I guess.
The Tiger Prawn in Malaysian Sauce (₹???) – succulent prawns, lightly spiced and super creamy with evident nutty and coconut flavors infused through and through. Not sure why it isn’t in the menu because this one deserved to be in there more than the fish tawa!

Of the mains, the Veg Nawabi Handi (₹210)was a run-of-the-mill bunch-of-veggies creamy gravy (but is still great value for money) and the Chicken Ghassi (₹280) was the only noteworthy effort that was worth pairing with the Masala Roomali Roti (or a ‘Karaari Roti’ if that name is more familiar). The Ghassi Chicken came pretty close to the traditional home-style Mangalorean preparation, and the whole spices and coconut milk were all nicely there. The rest, I didn’t press myself to have and promptly excused myself to start booking a cab since I had a ways to go.

All in all, The Shipyard is a good place to spend the evening with a large group over a couple of drinks and decent grub, especially if you’re missing the sea and are in the neighbourhood. It does come with it’s fair share of misses, but the hits do kinda make up for that long drive to the far side of Pune, especially if a Live Performance is thrown in the mix 🙂
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Ambience – 4.5/5 (the live performance was pretty good)
Value for money – N/A (invited)
Shipyard Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Note that this account is of an invite to a blogger’s table and is an expression of my personal and unbiased experience of the food, service and ambience at the time.


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