World Burger Day @ The Hard Rock Cafe – A Burgertastic World Tour !

Few things come close to the awesomeness of winning a Burgerthon at the home of The Legendary Burger on a World Hamburger Day. Like more burgers, for example. Or Beer. Definitely beer. And some more burgers.

Miami Cuban Beef Burger

As the home of the Legendary and the Local Legendary Burgers, there couldn’t be a more apt place than HRC to kick off a world Burger tour. With eight burgers and eight cocktails on offer, the ‘preview’ was pretty…..exhaustive! I mean, literally – I was exhausted at the end of it. More like happy-exhausted. Add to that the super-chilled ambience of HRC, killer rock-n-roll playlists and you have a pretty potent formula for a great afternoon or evening.

As every meal should, ours too, started with alcohol. An array of exceptional to just-par cocktails was had, the gist of which is as follows –

el matador.jpgEl Matador – I was half expecting a sangria-like Spanish cocktail, given the Spanish connotation in the name of this beverage but it turned out to be more of a beer-based strawberry-ish tasting concoction, with hints of basil and a very, very welcome punch from the salt/chilli rimming. #NotDisappointed #NotDisappointedAtAll

watermelon hoedown.jpg
Watermelon Hoedown – while it did it’s job as a classic summer cooler, the original (intended) vodka content was a little de trop for me, so I had to customize this baby with a lot less vodka and a little more beer. The result was a balanced beverage that went down well.

hangman's blood
Hangman’s Blood – If you’re the type who can’t decide among spirits and end up wanting to have it all, this one’s for you. I don’t like my cocktails too strong, so I gave this one a pass but my friends who’re into whiskey called for repeats on this. #FoodForThought

All Jacked Up – Jim Beam, Whiskey, Captain Morgan’s spiced rum & honey with Pineapple juice. I thought the pineapple was kinda lost in all that alcohol but the freshness from the lime juice was there. Decent, if you ask me. Then again, I’m not really a cocktail guy.

All Jacked Up
Melonpalooza – a lovely blend of flavors from the Bacardi rum, coconut rum and Midori Melon liqueur; truly refreshing !

Sweet and Fiery
Sweet & Fiery – This one really left a mark; there was a bloody Jalapeno floating in the jar ! The mild sweetness of the beverage was complemented with a punchy aftertaste which got a little stronger with time. Or maybe it was the rum in my bloodstream making me feel so. I don’t really know.

Citrus Summer Shandy
Citrus Summer Shandy -This was easily the mildest and the fruitiest cocktail of the lot; for those out there who like their cocktails light and kinda syrupy. Bacardi orange, fresh orange, lemonade and passion fruit syrup – doesn’t get any more citrusy or fruity than that !

Crisp Sipper
Crisp Sipper – Basically gin & tonic, cucumber syrup (its a refreshingly overpowering flavor) with a touch of rosemary and thyme – this one’s definitely for the gin-patrons in the house !

Having had these, we moved on to the pièce de résistancethe burgers

The first one we had was easily the unanimous favorite, the top seed, the burger par excellence – THE ITALIAN CHICKEN BURGER
Italian Burger
The first thing you’d bite into would be the piquant sun-dried tomato aioli, next would be the crispy, golden, panko-crusted Cheddar Cheese layer (I’m drooling just writing about this), the third thing you’d dig through would be the herb-infused chicken patty and then finally the veggies and bun. Yes, it really was that brilliant ! #AbsolutelyRecommended

Carribean Burger
As part of the Burgerthon, I downed the Carribean Vegetarian Burger, a brown lentil based burger patty suffused with spices all through, topped with cheddar, quinoa relish and sunflower seeds. The sunflower seeds were obviously not evident, given the pace at which I gulped the whole thing down but the rest of it was pretty awesome.

Lebanese Veg Burger
The Lebanese Burger had a nice mix of garlic aioli, hummus and cheddar, but the oh-so-healthy beetroot base patty didn’t really cut it, for me. The texture was pasty and almost lacked binding.

Mediterranean Veg Burger
The Mediterranean Veg Burger had a very fresh mix of flavors, from the mango aioli and the spinach slaw;  the patty was nice and juicy, and the cheddar slice helped, too !

Istanbul Kafta Chicken Burger
The Istanbul Kafta Chicken had a lovely medley of cumin, coriander powder and pepper flavors…almost like having a seekh kebab of sorts ! The hummus aioli and feta crumble added a welcome brine to the bite, too. This one was another winner !

Indian Tandoori Chicken Burger
The Indian Tandoori Chicken Burger was a very-desi burger and that’s exactly what won it, for me. Felt almost like biting into a leg piece, I tell you ! Also, the cheddar, and mint mayo were another great combination that complimented the base flavors.

Mexican Quesadilla Burger
I didn’t have the Mexican Quesadilla Burger or the Miami Cuban Burger (first image in this blog) but I was told they were decent as well.

Limona Bomb
I didn’t have the Limona Bomb either, but I had fun photographing it. While it lasted. For all of 2 minutes.

And with that, we called it a wrap but I’m told, the tour is going to be around for a while, so  I’m sure I didn’t miss anything that I can’t come back for…(It’s on from the 1st of June to the 31st of July) Cheers !

In summary,
Food – 4.5/5 (for the novelty of the burger-innovations !!)
Service – 4/5
Ambience – 4.5/5 (it is, after all, an HRC)
Value for money – N/A (invited)

Hard Rock Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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