Burger Barrage at Double Roti, Viman Nagar

It’s a balmy Monday evening and I’m excited. I make that hour-long trip to ‘that side o’town’ and as I walk up the stairs from the basement parking, I’m welcomed by the subtle, yet unmistakable scent of comfort food. I enter this doorless, chilled-out open space and a bar greets me right at the entrance. Sweet.
The place ooooozes peppy gimcrackery and zany genius; I note the cheese-grater and eggbeater lamps among other tacky odds and ends about the tables and walls.
knick knacks.jpg
I (try to) make myself comfortable on the somewhat uncomfortable barstool and proceed to pull out a fork and a knife out of the truck-shaped cutlery holder.
As I go through their carefully curated Ai (Amrikka-inspired) menu I notice it obviously has nothing to do with salubrity. Muffled (excited) squeals follow. Because nothing healthy ever makes us drool, right?

I realize I’m parched so I call for a Masala Lemonade, which is not quite what I’m expecting; maybe some fizz ought to liven this beverage up, I think to myself.
I sample some oreo shake that my friend is having and I instantly regret not having called for a whole flowerpot full of THAT. That crunchy, thick, oreo-ey shake garnished with a sprig of mint, making it look like a goddamn flowerpot; I mean, how clever is that ?!
oreo shake.jpg
Anywho, so there’s some stuff already on the table that’s waiting for my attention, so I go ahead and try –
Sour cream and salsa fries – I’m not sure what to expect from fries that are paired with salsa and sour cream, but I’m pleasantly surprised. And the presentation isn’t half bad either.
Pickle Chips – crumb fried picked gherkins that I cannot stop popping. But I realize I have an entire meal ahead of me so I force myself stop after there’s all of two left for my friend who I was supposed to share this with. Lol I totally suck at sharing. I catch his expression from the corner of my eye and its priceless. <insert evil laughter here>
gherkin chips
Fish n Chips – Another deep fried delight, this. As someone who isn’t a huge fan of fish n chips, I’m unable to believe that I’m unreservedly relishing every bite of this crispy savory and the piquant dip it is going so well with. #SoRecommended
fish n chips
Next comes the kukkad shukkad –

BBQ Wings – Not the texture I’m used to, but the sauce is spot on. I have two from the plate of six wings in front of me and pass the rest to the bhukhad side of the table to finish it. And just like that, it disappears.
bbq chicken
Peri Peri Chicken Tender(s) – Not as hot as the peri peri I’m used to, but still punchy enough and real succulent, too. But I’m distracted because I’m anxiously looking forward to the Double Rotis (burgers) and there’s still Pizza to finish.
piri piri chicken tenders.jpg
The Calzone and the Pizzas follow. So I sample the Goodfellas and the La Sciciliane and both are great – flavorful, sapid toppings and generously garnished with cheese but the crust in’t evenly crisp. The calzone is pretty good, though – I can’t tell its pork till someone tells me. #Yikes! Anywho, I remind myself why I’m there – for the highlight of the evening…the Double Roti ! And finally, it arrives !
pork calzone.jpg
So MY burger, the Mexican Wave is a lovely medley of textures and flavors – soft ghar-ke-recipe-wala bread, housing crunchy tacos and fresh veggies on top of the juicy, mildly tangy patty…
mexican wave
and I think this has so got to be the best burger on the table…till I sample some of my friend’s creamy chicken and cheese…I find it to be the single most disgustingly delicious filling I’ve been waiting to dig my teeth into all evening. My heebie-jeebies are finally gone.
chicken n cheese
As I’m about to say thank you and dhanyavaad I hear someone announce that they’re willing to share the blueberry and chocolate waffles they’ve called for. So I loosen the belt a notch, grab a fresh fork and dig in like no tomorrow. The blueberry and chocolate is divine and the waffle is warm, crisped on the outside and 100% mush inside. Its so awesome I shudder….and then I wipe my drool off the table. #EatLikeAHomerSimpson
blueberry chocolate waffles

Long story short –
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4.5/5
Ambience – 4.5/5 (for how clever every little thing is, here !)
Value for money – N/A (invited); but I’ll still say the grub’s well worth your buck 🙂

Double Roti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

And as usual, here’s some more stuff that I didn’t have –
other burger1other burger2beep burger


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