The Effin’ Good ‘Effingud’ Beer Launch at Effingut Brewerkz, Koregaon Park

I wonder what it is about fermented starches that makes Clark Kent, Superman, or Peter Parker, Spiderman or for that matter turns you into a Barney Stinson. Is it the effervescent freshness of that beautiful golden-brown brew? Or is it the 4% alcohol that quietly finds its way into your bloodstream from the eighth glass you unknowingly glug down? Can’t help love beer either way, right?


I overdosed on similar sentiments one fine night, at the effin-gud beer launch at the uber-popular Effingut Brewerks, Koregaon Park. Deep inside the cavernous pub, past the crossroads sign, the bike on the wall and other such quirky murals, a barrel of this brand new beer was popped open at the designated hour and the myriad beer enthusiasts from all over town who were there to celebrate this moment, submitted.


The Effingud is a jaggery-based sweet-ish beer aged in a special barrel and flavored using oak chips to give it that woody aftertaste. I had it with a lump of jaggery, too, which made it rather interesting.


Other ideas on tap we had that evening –

effingut taps.jpg

Lemongrass Belgian Wit – a bitter beer with hints of a citrusy zest

Cream Blond – another crisp, refreshing beer

Baker Brown? (Not sure if I got the name right) – a dark stout with hints of coffee (a first for me, loved it !)

Milk Stout – a creamy, dense beer with a notably milky texture (another first for me and loved this one, too !)

All this beer to wash down –

>Potato Wedges – well seasoned, with shockingly little oil residue – almost thought they were roasted or something. enjoyed every bite of this bite sized snack. Highly recommended if you’re planning to down volumes of beer – goes amazingly well with it.

>Chin Mai Chicken – seasoned with a Soy based sauce and pan fried, another winner that went well with the beer we were having.

All in all –
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 4/5
Ambience – 4.5/5
Value for money – n/a (invited)


In summary, an effin’ amazin’ place to catch killer craft beers and great grub… totally worth making that drive down to lane 7. Cheers !

Effingut Brewerkz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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